“We love seeing guys delivering an interesting cock stroke, and Ivy definitely does that. The handsome straight red headed guy has a lot of ink and a nice 7 and a half in cock that he doesn’t seem to mind another guy handling, at least for measuring. He doesn’t know about edging, but that’s basically what he does as he lays back and rubs his cock slowly in his fist and then spurts out a mess of cum over his stomach. Will he be back’ I guess we’ll see.

Furthermore, 22 year old Ivy is a handsome guy with a whole lot of ink on his sexy bod. Ivy is a totally straight guy who might be just a little curious about things. He came by to make some easy money jacking off, but you know you get a feeling about a dude sometimes. He didn’t seem to mind too much when his cock was groped. He’s a good looking guy we all want to see exploring a few new things.”


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