NOTE WORTHY: Gawker Interviews Boxer Yusaf Mack AKA Philly Mack Attack


Yusaf Mack, the boxer turned porn star sits down with the controversial website Gawker. Mack gives the website insight into his life and mind. Revealing a man, that’s at a transitional point in his life, and is trying to make the most of it. Mack reveals he feels like a boxer again, in the spotlight. Showing the attention from doing porn is apart of the allure to continue. However, is troubled by the naysayers of his move into gay porn. Yusaf speaks on his current state of mind, his 10 kids, and working with new gay porn site Reality Dudes Network. All in all, this very insightful and interesting interview – Solo Starr Blog

“In late 2014, professional boxer Yusaf Mack did something no one else in his sport, active or retired, had ever done: He performed in porn. Gay porn. The scene he shot as “Philly” with DawgPoundUSA existed quietly on the internet for about 10 months, amazingly, until word of the video began to circulate around his hometown of Philadelphia and local reporter Jenice Armstrong interviewed him about it. He claimed to be straight, and said the sex he had with the men in the video resulted from him being drugged. After DawgPoundUSA issued a strongly worded rebuttal that threatened legal action, Mack revealed his initial story was “all a lie.” Mack issued a press release in which he called himself bisexual, and thenhe went on Philadelphia Fox 29 to say he’s gay. Later, he said he was attracted to trans women (“I’m attracted to trannies…I don’t like nobody muscle like me,” is how he put it). Mack told Broadly he hooked up with trans model Sidney Starr in January.

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When I talked to Mack via Skype yesterday, he told me he’s “try-sexual” (meaning he’s open to experimenting). He moved back to Philadelphia after a brief stint in Los Angeles, earlier this year, he’s now attempting a gay-porn “comeback.” He recently filmed some scenes for the gay porn company Reality Dudes (link NSFW) under its “Reality Thugs” imprint.He points out that he’s the first professional boxer to come out, though what that means in this case, for today at least, is that he is out as someone who will have sex with whomever he wants for whatever reason he wants, including to make money. (Note: Mack is mistaken about being the first: Boxer Orlando Cruz came out in 2012.)

Mack answered whatever question I threw at him, generally in three sentences or less, and acknowledged that his speech has been affected by his time in the ring. A lightly edited and condensed transcript of our conversation is below.” GawkerCLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW