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Dustin was referred to me by either a fan of the site, or an anonymous model who’s already appeared on the site. A former Marine, Dustin is 23 y/o and decided to drop trou’ for some cash, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin.  She warmed up to the idea since he first told her about the plan and actually ended up curious about things. She eventually decided to come along and watch.

Dustin was nervous about shedding his clothes on camera for the first time. A fear that went flying out the window no sooner than it came up. As soon as Dustin unzipped his jeans, his cock was ready to roll and standing at attention.

Dustin saved up for a full week before the shoot. And that included a session with his gf where he stopped before cummingcollage2collage3

Click to see Dustin’s load coming, and coming, and coming until his stomach is covered in thick jizz

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